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peace, love and good vibes
Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Events built a global EDM empire based on the experience as much as the music
by lily Moayeri
The Insomniac headquarters, located at a busy intersection in Beverly Hills, is eerily quiet. The dimly lit offices embody that combination of professional trappings and laid-back decor common to cutting-edge companies, where the employees are unassuming but what they create is immense.
Spread out over three floors, the rows upon rows of workstations hardly look like a rave command post. But the murals painted on many walls and posters from numerous events suggest otherwise.
Perhaps the only boisterous person here this afternoon is the boss himself, Pasquale Rotella. Once he is extracted from one of the many offices that line the hallways, he brings the noise and with it, an alluring type of controlled chaos. Even with a strong, streamlined team of experts in their fields to whom responsibilities are delegated, so many people demand Rotella’s attention, so many meetings require his presence, so many decisions need his sign-off.
This morning’s news of Avicii’s death knocked the global dance community side-
|| // May 11 - 17, 2018 // LA WEEKLY

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