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UCLA Meth Clinical Trial
Are you using meth? Interested in participating in a research study?
UCLA is conducting a clinical trial to examine the safety of a medication, pomaglumetad methionil (POMA), and methamphetmine.Investigators at UCLA are conducting this study to find out:
If POMA is safe and tolerable when used with methamphetamine
This study will enroll people who are currently using methamphetamine and are not looking for treatment to help them stop or reduce their metham- phetamine use. Participation includes taking study medications and com- pleting study assessments during continuous overnight stays at the hospital and an outpatient follow-up visit. The inpatient portion of the study involves staying in the hospital for approximately 10 consecutive nights. Participant may be compensated up to $1000.
Interested in learning more? To participate, you must be:
 18 years or older
 Currently using methamphetamine not interested in stopping
Call 310-905-2670 for information on the inpatient meth study or to make an appointment at our research
clinic in Santa Monica or visit
UCLA IRB#16-001857. This UCLA research study is being conducted by the UCLA Dept of Family Medicine (PI: Keith Heinzerling MD). Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
One of L.A.’s Own
Magical realism is the order of the day at Castelli Art Space with “No One More Magical,” an exhibition of paintings by John Valadez, one of the city’s most important voices in Chicano art. Valadez’s work both defines and transcends the genre it embodies, as the artist lavishes his finesse in color, landscape, anatomy and symbolism on narrative scenes of everyday life. His work seems to operate along a classical art historical continuum with the grace and gravitas of mythological frieze and Renaissance drama — yet his muses are the regular folk who make life in L.A. so vibrant and exuberant. His career has been defined by awards and accolades but as this lively show (curated by art historian Isabel Rojas-Williams) proves, he’s still very much our hometown hero. Castelli Art Space, 5428 W. Washington Blvd., Mid-City; opening reception Sat., Nov. 3, 7-10 p.m.; exhibit runs Thu., Nov. 1-Wed., Nov. 7, noon-6 p.m.; free. (323) 308-0936, —ShAnA nyS DAmbRoT
Behind the Veil
While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a consensus on the best way for the United States to approach everyone’s favorite dynastic, dictator-run “rogue state,” North Korea, one thing that’s clear is that the country of 25 million remains an enigma to the average American. The work of Sin- gaporean photographer Aram Pan, who has visited North Korea 19 times, offers the chance to dig past the superficial and catch glimpses of everyday life in the modern- day hermit kingdom. His 360-degree pho- tos and videos have captured everything from weddings to water parks, and some of his never-before-seen photos will be on view as Pan discusses his travels. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase prints. De Plume, 5564 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; Sat., Nov. 3, 1, 3 & 5 p.m.; free. —AveRy biSSeTT
Michael Connelly
with Paul Levine
Dark Sacred Night
NOV 12
Moss Theatre, Santa Monica
sun 11/4 oPeRA
Creative Destruction
Even as humans encounter the conse- quences of rampant technology in this century, we’re still making sense of the dramatic scientific upheavals that occurred in the 20th century. Composer Steve Reich and his video artist wife, Beryl Korot, focus on three disparate events that occurred over the past 100 years — the Hindenburg disaster, nuclear tests by the U.S. on Bikini Atoll and the cloning of Dolly the sheep
— in their 2002 video opera, Three Tales. Reich’s minimalist, cycling melodies, deliv- ered by a small ensemble and five vocalists, are augmented by Korot’s interlocking patterns of video imagery, archival footage and interviews, creating an alternately unsettling, momentous and haunting atmosphere in conductor Andreas Mitisek and Long Beach Opera’s presentation. Ernest Borgnine Theatre, 855 Elm Ave., Long Beach; Sat., Nov. 3, 6 p.m.; Sun., Nov. 4, 2:30 p.m.; $49-$110. (562) 436-3983, —FAllinG JAmeS
mon 11/5 booKS
Photographing the Stars
As Rod Stewart once sang, “Every picture tells a story.” The British rocker is just one of numerous subjects from the worlds of classic rock, sports and Hollywood whose visages have been documented by Ameri- can photographer Annie Leibovitz. Each of her iconic photos already tells its own story in rich detail, from her famous nude images of Demi Moore, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson on the covers of Vanity Fair to her photos of John Lennon on the day he was murdered. But Leibovitz also revealed some behind-the-scenes details and her photojournalistic methods in her 2008 book, Annie Leibovitz at Work, which has been released in a revised edi- tion. Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd., West
Tom Hanks
Uncommon Type
NOV 14
Aratani Theatre, Downtown LA
Adam Horovitz &
Michael Diamond
The Beastie Boys Book
NOV 3 & 4
The Montalban Theatre, Los Angeles
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