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With a history of over 1800 years, Gujing Liquor is an outstanding representative of Chinese spirits. Our cellars can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty. We pride ourselves on the oldest and the most complete distilling skills, the oldest yeast and the finest well water in China.
Know as the First Tribute Liquor in China, Gujing Liquor is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and look forward to bringing our unique spirits to Los Angeles!
Gujing Liquor was a proud sponsor of the LA Weekly Inaugural Symposium in China. Anhui Gujing Group Co., Ltd. operates as a holding company which through its
subsidiaries, operates in alcohol distillation, hotel and tourism, real estate, pharmacy, high-tech, and finance industries. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Bozhou, China.
Mr. Liang Jinhui remarked at the LA Weekly Inaugural Symposium in China
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