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Hideko Spa
Everything is “Organic” Massage Therapy | Facial & Body Care | Eyelash Extension
$120 Express Massage (1 hour)
$200 The Hideko Treatment SpecialS $99 Eyelash Full-Set
12211 Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA 90025 | 310.622.2615
Cedd Moses masterminded the transformation with partners Eric Needleman and Brian Lenzo.
Chronic Pain Management Clinic by Medical Doctors
Get access to the medication you need today. CALL NOW 24/7
(213) 607-3737
Brewmaster Devon Randall oversees the taps at Imperial Western Beer Co.
» 15 ) white neon to LED pink, to match the teal interior. The bar and the bar die wall are completely original, copper all the way to the floor. The bar top is new but the shape is historic. The footprint has not changed. The space is dimly lit, sexy and seductive.
“Our cocktail program is built for speed, low prices and high quality,”
says Eric Alperin, who has taken over conducting duties at the Streamliner and also worked with Moses on the Varnish, the speakeasy hidden in the back ofthe historic Cole’s Restaurant under the tutelage of the late cocktail guru Sasha Petraske. “We’ve chosen our favorites and streamlined them.”
Aside from the Tequila Daisy, all drinks are under $10 and come in tem- plates. “The quick and the strong” are the basics, chilled below zero — gin or vodka martini, Manhattan, negroni and a gimlet with house-made lime cordial.
“Blended but better” is icy cold and made with an immersion blender: mint daiquiri, whiskey sour and piña colada. “The fresh and tall” include a Tom Col- lins, Moscow mule, Streamliner gin and tonic and rum and cola. All are topped with house sodas and citrus granita. The Streamliner old-fashioned is a twist on the original, with bonded bourbon, bittersweet powder and essential oils.
“We took a lot of inspiration from the streamline movement,” says bartender Max Seaman. “At that time they were stripping away the frills and design ex- cesses from art deco to preserve great de- sign but use modern technology to bring luxury amenities to a wider audience. They were optimistic about technology, the future and improving people’s lives.”
Taking cues from Grand Central Station in New York and the stunningly renovated Union Station in Den- ( 19 » | November 9 - 15, 2018 | la weekly

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